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"How long has it been that you've just focused on your body not realizing it's also about your soul and purpose."


lawanda dickerson

For seven years as a professional plus-size runway model I was featured in Kymaro undergarment commercials, Wedding magazine spreads and appeared in Macy’s across California with Fashion Commentators Clinton Kelly and Floyd Boston from Jones of New York.  At the time I was 215 pounds and wore a size 14-16 and felt confident.

But behind the scenes, I had been trying to lose weight for years. Frustrations began to build. Knowing what to do and how to get started was always the battle.  After a doctor’s visit, I was told my cholesterol was high and rising.  Also knowing that diabetes and high blood pressure ran rampant in my family, I knew a real change had to take place.

I decided to commit three years to study fitness and nutrition from a nationally accredited school. I began to apply what I learned and finally lost 60 pounds and 30 inches. I then understood by clean eating, physical exercise, prayer, meditation, and rest, I no longer was in danger of all those chronic health diseases. My mind had been renewed to do what was best for me, not just to lose weight.

I now have the knowledge and experience to eliminate the plateaus and slow progress, with scientific studies based on custom individualized assessments. I have found great success with my client’s training and conditioning and transformed them to believe in themselves and the power to take charge of their lives to create the body they’ve always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve...   Once you believe you can, you will and the body will follow...  My passion is for people to see how God works in us and through us for the good of all mankind and helps us to discover what the best part of us is!

Lawanda is certified in the following disciplines:

  • NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine)

  • NASM  Personal Trainer,

  • NASM  Fitness Nutrition Specialist

  • NASM  Weight Loss Specialist

  • NASM  Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Health & Wellness Life Coach and is currently a Fitness Instructor & Wellness Coach at the YMCA-Bayview.



U3Fit's mission is to empower ones ability to engage their body soul purpose to work together to reach their health, fitness and personal goals. To bring awareness of the power that lives inside of us, to see our passions come to life.


This style of coaching and training will allow a person to enjoy the journey and results with a new mindset that will last a life time.


real results


Lawanda's group classes are specialized to meet people where they are at and target all muscle groups while toning and sculpting the body. Using a HIIT technique in her circuit training and gymnasium styled group classes, she is seeing her clients striving for their best results and overachieving their goals! 


Tuesdays 12pm-1pm at the YMCA Bayview
Strength training circuit




4646 3rd Street

San Francisco, CA 94124​

Call: 415) 872.7175​

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