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Ekaete Inyang

U3Fit Sales and Customer Service Manager
Massage Therapist

I graduated from San Francisco State University in 2019, where I received a bachelors in Kinesiology. I’m a first generation Nigerian born and raised here in California. I’m currently training to be a massage therapist. At U3fit I enjoy lifting my community up by supporting and celebrating their health and fitness goals! I love U3FIT not only because of the low carb food or Lawanda’s daily nutritional facts but because it’s a safe space for any and everyone to become a better version of themselves. We love, we care and it shows.


Shavonn Dyson

U3Fit Operations Manager

For the past 20 years my career has consisted of being an  Accounting and Tax Specialist.  Just to name a few companies I've worked for: Intel, Go-Pro, Just media, Kindred Healthcare, Rocket Fuel, and Instacart.

My favorite highlight working at U3Fit, I love hearing the "fat loss bell" ring throughout the building.  It’s the sound of accomplishment and people look forward to it, and so do I!


Azaria Dickerson

U3Fit Meal prep Kitchen Manager

I graduated from Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School and I’m currently enrolled in the Culinary Program at San Francisco City college.  I love using my creativity when it comes to creating meals.  I love to explore the outdoors, I love to travel and to help people anyway I can.  I am  a real influence amongst my peers for the positive and I believe I have a very bright future ahead of me with being apart of U3Fit.


Adrienne Johnson

U3Fit Graphic Designer and Marketing Director

I have a degree in Business Management and I’m also a successful graphic designer. My company ALH Expressions specializes in planning and marketing special events. I have decades of experience and love to keep up with the latest technologies.  I also have a passion for photography and love to capture it all.  I enjoy a good Netflix binge but can also be found out on the pavement getting in my cardio miles.


Riccardo Cook

Personal Trainer, Powerlifter

Bootcamp Training

I served 6 years in the US military and received my MA in acting from the Academy of Art University. I have qualified and competed in the most prestigious events in the world, the Olympia.  I love being a part of the U3Fit dream team as we love to bring our experiences together to pull out the best in others! 


Alex Osborne

Sports Performance Coach, TRX Specialist, Personal Trainer

 I am Certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine. My specialties are group X and USAW performance coach. I am passionate about creating spaces for all to find a holistic perspective of balance in their lives in the community I enjoy traveling. I am proud to say I have been on the U3Fit dream team from the start, and will continue to be apart of this great missional work.


Duante Moore

Master Trainer

Fitness Professional

U3Fit Advisor

Certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine, I am a fitness professional who specializes in group training, functional training, corrective exercise, and fitness nutrition.  I participate in all of the U3fit retreats and events as an advisor and I'm apart of the U3fit Dream Team. I love watching people overcome personal obstacles and gain confidence to discover their true identity.


Macio Dickerson

U3Fit Spiritual Life Coach

Relationship and Career Coach

I’ve spent 20+ years as a licensed pastor, minister, counselor, relationship coaching and youth mentor.  I have traveled the world holding conferences and leadership skills training, and mass gatherings.  I graduated from World Harvest Christian Bible College with Bachelors in Biblical counseling and hold an honorary Doctorate Degree “Doctor of Divinity” from Sacramento Theological Seminary with many other acknowledgements.  I feel blessed to have the ability to help people build their lives on the stepping stones of their past, for them to gain the vision of their truth and purpose.  


Robynne Jeisman

U3Fit Director of Housing Youth Development for Turntable housing.

I have worked for over 20 years in Australia and the US, with high-risk youth & young adults experiencing trauma, homelessness, juvenile justice, sexual exploitation, mental health issues and addictions.  Working in Community service organizations it's my desire for youth to feel safe and a huge part of sense of belonging is their well being and care for their body, souls and purpose.  I love the wholistic wrap around services that U3Fit provides for our youth. Partnering with U3fit allows Turntable to provide housing and wrap around support for our youth to grow heal and experience sustainable transformation. 

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