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The Oakland Team

Meet your trainers

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hello i'm



I am Certified by the National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM). My specialties are Group X and USAW performance coaching. 

I am passionate about creating spaces for all to find a holistic perspective of balance, while providing an exceptional training experience each time you enter my class.


You are a part of our community and deserve the highest quality of health and wellness. I have partnered with U3Fit for more than 7 years and we look forward to serving you!

Hi, my name is



Being a reputable Board Certified Massage Therapist, I specialize in the following 5 methods:


Swedish Massage  

This technique energizes the body to improve overall health through percussion, kneading, vibration and rolling.

Deep Tissue Massage   

A method performed to break up scar tissue and muscle adhesions, also referred to as “knots”. With this I focus on deeper layers of the body such as muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia.

Myofascial Release Massage
During this session I'm attentive to pain believed to arise from myofascial tissues — the tough membranes that wrap, connect, and support your muscles.

Sports Therapy Massage

This allows me to treat injuries experienced by athletes, such as hamstring strains or shin splints.

Prenatal Massage

A full body massage only performed by a certified prenatal massage therapist that is similar to a Swedish massage. Active Stretching which is only included in the 90 minute session.

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Hey There, i am



It's an honor being named one of the top group exercise Instructors, with the ability to work with people in a group setting while successfully implementing modified, moderate, or advanced exercises in the same session.


I am Certified in Group Exercise Instruction, Corrective Exercise, and as a Fitness Trainer. 


I have been on this journey since 2014, instructing Group Exercise for 6 years, Wellness Coordinator/Fitness Instructor Supervisor for 5 years, and a Certified Fitness Coach for Adults, Seniors, and children since 2014 as well.

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